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She was running. From difficulties and problems to luck and success.

Her path was not easy. An alien city. Fear of suspense.
Emptiness. Depression. Fatigue.

She found the strength to look at the problems in person.
Her spirit was stronger and higher. Failures are not broken.
Although the path is thorny and tortuous. I believe she will achieve

This is Ria and her story. Full of surprises and
unpredictable obstacles. Questions and search answers.

Sorrow. But love. Wanderings, desperate struggle
and unexpected finds.

Good luck to you, Ria.

This is ria pc game. Welcome !

This is the story of a girl named Ria.

She came to a strange city.

Studying at the University.

New friends and acquaintances.

Difficulties of getting used to a new place and new life.

The truth is Aunt Casey and she is always ready to help.

Ria will plunge into the whirlpool of a big city, big things, problems, but also great opportunities. 

Learn about yourself and your hidden abilities and talents.

Forward! Towards conquering new peaks !! Excellent achievements!

Install instructions

run installer. After install start file start.exe


ria_setup_12112017.exe 158 MB


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download new version from megainformatic.ru

I cant use the installer, dont know what's wrong